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Formed in 2000 by prominent independent music companies and national trade associations, IMPALA is a non-profit making pan-European organisation with a scientific and artistic purpose, dedicated to small, micro and medium sized music companies and self releasing artists. With almost 5,000 members, IMPALA has a broad ranging agenda. You can read more about our mission, what we are currently working on and our milestones below.


IMPALA’s mission is to grow the independent music sector sustainably, return more value to artists, promote diversity and entrepreneurship, improve political access and inspire change.

Growing the independent sector

Promoting growth is about maximising all commercial opportunities, delivering a proper regulatory framework, with improved market access, real finance, and a level playing field in all areas from access to media, to collecting societies through to online.

Returning more value to artists

Removing all barriers to licensing of online and other services is vital, yet certain operators try to hide behind copyright exceptions or “safe harbour” rules. This effectively transfers value away from creators. Closing this “value gap” is important to the independent sector as it particularly distorts licensing efforts by smaller players. Returning value also means full transparency, proper reporting and revenue sharing.

Promoting cultural diversity and entrepreneurship

Independent music is an excellent example of Europe’s cultural diversity. By discovering and releasing the most innovative artists, independent labels play a key role in the evolution of the cultural landscape. The economic and regulatory environment must actively foster cultural entrepreneurship and economic diversity.

Improving political access

Smaller businesses need to work together to match the influence of larger companies. IMPALA provides an active single voice for the independent sector.

Inspiring change

By explaining how the music sector works, by broadening the agenda and offering new solutions, IMPALA aims to promote independent music, inspire decision makers to fulfil new promises to cultural SMEs, and open doors to investment.

Find out more about IMPALA’s achievements under milestones. 

What we are currently working on

IMPALA enables the independents to leverage their collective strength with credibility and experience.

IMPALA’s actions include:

  • Raising awareness and advocating for strong and fair copyright, proper remuneration and freedom of expression. 
  • Promoting a distortion-free Digital Single Market by addressing the “value gap” caused by abuse of “safe harbour” rules.
  • Campaigning for better access for independent music to online platforms, radio, retail, TV and other media.
  • Putting the spotlight on innovative business models in the independent sector
  • Working with independents in the Balkans to launch new structure to build capacity locally, growing online and offline opportunities.
  • Advocating for transparency and fairness with artists – 2/3 of signatories of WIN’s Fair Digital Deals Declaration are European.
  • Calling for new “rules of engagement” online – data protection, privacy, taxation, non-discrimination rules for dominant players.
  • Encouraging “follow the money” to tackle mass infringing sites.
  • Revisiting the anonymity/accountability equation for a dynamic & safe digital environment for all.
  • Seeking to stimulate competition and consumer choice through new antitrust rules specific to culture.
  • Taking action against concentration and other abuses.
  • Promoting innovative commercial tools such as Merlin, the first global digital rights agency for independents.
  • Implementing IMPALA’s Collecting Society Code of Conduct.
  • Seeking tax credits, loan guarantees, new revenue sharing mechanisms, and proper valuation of copyright assets.
  • Campaigning for reduced VAT on music, plus an end to discrimination between film & music support programmes.
  • Delivering more & better choice for artists and music fans.
  • Promoting culture as distinct to other goods and services, mapping and measuring the sectors adequately.
  • Levelling the playing field for all cultural SMEs.
  • Promoting the UNESCO Convention on cultural diversity.
  • WIPO observer and member of UNESCO’s Global Alliance.

You can find out more about IMPALA’s milestones here.

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