IMPALA’s aim here is to keep independents one step ahead in the digital market.

IMPALA’s digital committee has had a very busy year since being established. It has the task of ensuring independents are proactive when it comes to digital issues. Meeting monthly, the committee also holds monthly meetings with Merlin to exchange information and relay questions from the committee.


On top we are in contact with several leading digital platforms. Discussions mainly revolve around streaming manipulation so far, as we are following up on last year’s industry code, but communication channels are open to other topics. IMPALA is also setting up an intelligence facility for IMPALA members known as “One Step Ahead”, thanks to a digital capacity grant from Merlin. The project will focus on national and pan-European digital trends.


Discussions on streaming distribution models remained high on IMPALA’s agenda throughout the year. Instead of looking at this as a choice between two models, IMPALA’s focus is working on an optimal model which would include pro-temporis and other elements. A further brainstorming session is in the pipeline… Other issues being discussed by the committee include dot music EXPAND


Code of Best Practice – Streaming code adopted last summer

One step ahead project summary

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