EU projects

IMPALA’s aim with its EU projects work is to promote the independent sector and encourage decision makers to increase budgets for programmes that build capacity within the sector. IMPALA’s work here has been very successful as there is now a dedicated funding strand for the European music sector within the culture programme, Creative Europe. In addition, thanks to IMPALA and others making the case for the cultural sector, specific funds are now available within horizon 2020, one of the biggest EU budget lines. Other programmes also finance music and other culture sector projects. 

In addition, IMPALA helps develop EU projects with members. “IMPALA Campus” for example was put together by our EU projects committee and has been approved by the European commission.  Its aim is to… EXPAND. 

IMPALA is also involved in projects as an expert. For example XXX are a member of the advisory board on a EU study on funding gaps in the music sector and a possible European music observatory, the publication of which has been delayed but should be coming soon. We also participate in the steering committee of the EU’s Music Moves Europe Talent Awards project. 

IMPALA keeps its members updated on relevant calls and has a note on EU funding opportunities for cultural and creative SMEs. Copies are available on request, see more below.


Note on EU funding opportunities for cultural and creative SMEs

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