Live streaming 

With the recent increase in live streams, the European festival season upon us, and moves by some operators to acquire more rights, guidance has been requested by IMPALA members. 


We released :
  • a one pager summarising the issues : here (link to add)
  • a checklist of what to look out for in live streaming agreements : here (link to add)
  • a longer note : here (link to add)

We organised a webinar on this topic on 21st July, in collaboration with AIM, you can find it here (link to add).


The main points to note from the guidance are: 

  • Labels should work together with artists and streaming services and negotiate the rights involved. 

  • Festivals and promoters are extending their requests – the rights asked for are usually outside artist’s approval. 
  • When reviewing what use to agree to, labels should consider their overal plans with the artist. 
  • Repertoire should be registered with ISRCs etc when creating new masters (pre-records and for post-live stream use if you decide to agree to that).  
  • This is a developing landscape, so members should feel free to contribute to this guidance.
  • Licensing solutions (collective or otherwise) may evolve, so its important to keep up to date. 
  • The checklist should help when negotiating agreements. 
  • The service also needs to be licensed for publishing rights.  

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